From the Archives: The Conqueror Worm

In Comics on December 17, 2014 at 7:00 am

by Joshua Sicard

conquerer worm comic 1

conquerer worm comic 2

from AmoUng

In Poetry on December 16, 2014 at 5:03 pm


by Chris McCreary

Among you in tough skins two sizes too tight an ill fit at best it gets wedged when excelsior isn’t even my own to have known members only as knocked off copy not my beautiful cadre my coat of arms an extra letter bastard born beneath the fleur-de-pity pizza party my alpha beta blocker cue card fluffing for the upwardly mobile coterie.

Four such lovingly doctored scarves palettes spun from mothers’ extra yarn each iter- -iving prior iron dekeened we week knee low totem shrunk to fit some poor slob’s lecture hall hot by cotton candy body shots precursing other up-jumped prophets gone on orgone envy nerving what ails these dieties ohming alcoves into ebbing flow full metal spirit animus means enemy of my enemy squats on the same Gobot’s mouth & where there’s monkshood there’s mildew for your pretty copper top caught a-titter at gramma’s bodice ripper.


Chris McCreary is the author of [ neüro / mäntic ], just out from Furniture Press, as well as three previous collections of poems.

Photo: The skin., 2014 by Christopher Harley

14 Poets for 2014: The Year’s Best Books of Poetry

In Reviews on December 16, 2014 at 5:01 pm


Backup Singers (Birds, LLC)
by Sommer Browning


Sorrow Arrow (Octopus Books)
by Emily Kendall Frey


In Defense of Nothing: Selected Poems, 1987-2011 (Wesleyan)
by Peter Gizzi


Wet Land (Action Books)
by Lucas de Lima


You’re Going to Miss Me When You’re Bored (Barrelhouse)
by Justin Marks


Thing Music (Wave Books)
by Anthony McCann


Nulls (Horse Less Press)
by Pattie McCarthy


The Feel Trio (Letter Machine Editions)
by Fred Moten


Citizen: An American Lyric (Graywolf)
by Claudia Rankine


Space Between These Lines Not Dedicated (ixnay press)
by Frank Sherlock


Wastoid (Big Lucks)
by Mathias Svalina

download (2)

You Da One (Coconut Books)
by Jennifer Tamayo


Ultramegaprarieland (Bloof Books)
by Elisabeth Workman


The Earth Avails (Graywolf)
by Mark Wunderlich


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